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Α/Α   Τίτλος    Πόλις/χώρα    Έτος

  1. ​VII International congress of Nephrology    Montreal, Canada    1980

  2. 4th International congress of Immunology Paris France    1980

  3. International Sp. On Heamatology, European and African division, 6th meeting    Athens Greece    1981

  4. Postgraduate course in Gastroenterology    Oxford UK    1981

  5. VII European congress of Pathology    Helsinki Finland    1981

  6. Postgraduate course in Gastroenterology Oxford UK    1982

  7. Meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology    Exeter UK    1982

  8. Annual meeting of the Oxford Gut Club    Oxford UK    1982

  9. Postgraduate course in Gastroenterology    Oxford   UK    1984

  10. XII and V International congresses of Gastroenterology and Endoscopy    Lisbon, Portugal    1984

  11. Postgraduate course in Gastroenterology    Oxford UK    1985

  12. 2nd International symposium of IBD    Jerusalem, Israel    1985

  13. Postgraduate course in Gastroenterology    Oxford UK    1986

  14. Digestive disease week    Chicago, USA    1987

  15. Postgraduate course in therapeutic endoscopy    Chicago, USA    1987

  16. Postgraduate course in Inflammatory bowel disease    Chicago USA    1987

  17. Postgraduate course: Nutrition in Gastroenterology    Chicago USA    1987

  18. Simposio International: Clinical controversies in Inflammatory bowel disease    Bolognia, Italy    1987

  19. XII International congress of Gastroenterology    Roma, Italy    1988

  20. VI International congress of digestive endoscopy    Roma,  Italy    1988

  21. Congresso, Peptic ulcer disease, Acid secretion and treatment    Roma, Italy    1988

  22. 5th International congress of the  ecurre Society of Anesthesia and Reanimation    Brussels, Belgium    1988

  23. International meeting on inflammatory bowel disease    Athens Greece    1989

  24. 23rd annual meeting of the European Society for clinical investigation    Athens, Greece    1989

  25. Holland digestive disease week    Amsterdam, Holland    1989

  26. 7th International symposium on Endoscopic ultrasonography    Amsterdam, Holland    1989

  27. 2nd Mediterranean Surgical congress Athens, Greece    1989

  28. 2nd International conference on gastrointestinal cancer    Jerusalem, Israel    1989

  29. 1st IGSC meeting of surgeons and gastroenterologists    Amsterdam, Holland    1989

  30. 1st Mediterranean Medical Meeting Heraklion, Crete    1989

  31. European Digestive Disease Week    Vienna, Austria    1990

  32. 24th Annual Scientific  ecurre of the European Society for clinical investigation    Maastricht,  The netherlands    1990

  33. The World Congresses of Gastroenterology    Sydney, Australia    1990

  34. III Workshop of gastroduodenal Pathology and Campylobacter pylori    Toledo, Spain1990

  35. 3rd International Conference on Anticancer research    Marathon, Greece    1990

  36. International Gastrosurgical Club Meeting, 2nd joint Meeting of surgeons and Gastroenterologists Athens Greece    1990

  37. European Digestive Disease Week    Amsterdam, Holland    1991

  38. 5th International Symposium on Colorectal Cancer    Torino, Italy    1991

  39. International Cooperative Meeting on Inflammatory Bowel Disease    Roma, Italy    1991

  40. 26th Annual Scientific Meetinf of the European Society for Clinical Investigation    Vienna, Austria    1992

  41. 2nd Mediterranean Medical Meeting    Athens, Greece    1992

  42. International Gastrosurgical Club Meeting, 3rd joint meeting of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists    Padua, Italy    1992

  43. International Symposium: Ileal pouch-anal anastomosis    Versailles, France  1992

  44. Fifth Meeting of the International Association of Pancreatology and 4th Meeting of the International Pancreatic cancer study group    Athens, Greece    1992

  45. First United European Gastroenterology Week Athens, Greece    1992

  46. 13th world congress of Collegium Internationale Chirurgie Digestivae    Athens, Greece    1992

  47. XXVIII World Congress of the International College of Surgeons    Cairo, Egypt    1992

  48. 1st International Comference: Lessons in Gastroente-rology of the Ιnternational Gastrosurgical Club Athens Greece    1992

  49. II United European Gastroenterology Week,    Barcelona Spain    1993

  50. XVIIth National Congress of the Societatea Romana De Chirurgie    Iasi, Romania    1993

  51. 4th World Congress of the International Gastrosurgical Club    Madrid, Spain    1993

  52. 3rd United European Gastrenterology Week    Oslo, Norway    1994

  53.  World Cogresses of Gastroenterology    Los Angeles,  USA    1994

  54. GSC International Posgraduate School 3rd Postgradu-ate Course of Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Surgery    Athens Greece    1994

  55. 29th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Clini-cal Investigation & Medical Research Society of GB    Cambridge, England    1995

  56. 64th European Atherosclerosis Society congress    Utrecht Netherlands    1995

  57. 4th United European Gastroenterology Week    Berlin, Germany    1995

  58. 7th World Congress International Gastrosurgical Club Budapest Hungary 1996

  59. 9th annual meeting of the E H P S G Copenhagen Sweden    1996

  60. Inflammatory bowel disease from Bench to Bedside    Freiburg, Germany    1996

  61. 5th United European Gastroenterology Disease Week    Paris, France    1996

  62. 4th Mediterranean Medical Congress    Limassol, Cyprus    1996

  63. 4th International Postgraduate course on Hepatobiliary, Pancreatic and Gastric disorders    Athens Greece    1996

  64. Falk symposium No 96. Inflammatory Bowel Diseases- from bench to bedside    Freimburg, Germany    1996

  65. Falk Symposium No 97. Clinical Challenges in Inflammatory Bowel Disease- Diagnosis, prognosis and treatment   Lugano, Switzerland    1997

  66. 1st Balkan and Southeastern European Congress on histocompatibility and immunogenetics Eurocomference   Thessaloniki, Hellas    1997

  67. Xth International Workshop on gastroduodenal pathology and Helicobacter pylori    Lisbon, Portugal 1997

  68. International College of Surgeons. XX European Federation Congress    Athens, Greece    1997

  69. International Seminars in new frontiers in the diagnosis and management of GI diseases    Athens Greece    1997

  70. 6th International Postgraduate course. New Frontiers in GI oncology    Athens,  Greece    1998

  71. 11th World Congress of Gastroenterology    Vienna, Austria    1998

  72. 5th Mediterranean Medical Congress    Samos  Greece    1998

  73. Infliximab Preceptorship Program Leuven, Belgium    1999

  74. 6th European Congress of Gastroenterology    Roma Italy    1999

  75. 1st European Congress on Gastrointestinal Oncology    Kos Greece    2000

  76. 8th European Congress of Gastroenterology    Brussles Swetzerland    2000

  77. VI International Symposium on IBD    Istanbul Turkey    2001

  78. 1st European Symposium, Ethics in Gatsroenterology and Digestive endoscopy    Kos, Greece    2002

  79. XV International Workshop on Gastrointestinal Pathology and Helicobacter pylori    Athens, Greece    2002

  80. “New frontiers in diagnosis and management of gastrointestinal and pancreatic diseases” IGSC    Athens, Greece    2002

  81. Inflammatory Bowel Disease Meeting    Capri, Italy    2003

  82. 9th Biennial Congress of European Council of Coloproctology    Athens Greece 2003

  83. Advances in Therepeutic Endoscopy Teaching Course    Athens, Greece    2003

  84. 11th International Postgraduate course of Surgeons and Gastroenterologists    Athens Greece    2003

  85. 4th International Postgraduate Course “HPB MARATHON”,    Marathon, Greece    2004

  86. 10th International conference on Human Nutrition    Berlin,  Germany    2004

  87. 12th European Congress of Gastroenterology    Prague Chech R    2004

  88. Workshop: Use of nutrition in the management and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease        2004

  89. 4th International update & postgraduate seminar in Gastroenterology    Athens Greece    2005

  90. 2nd International Congress on Gastrointestinal Oncology Santorini, Greece    2005

  91. 13rd UEGW Congress        2005

  92. 8th Mediterranean Medical Congress, 4th Mediterranean Summer School    Izmir, Turkey.    2006

  93. 3rd International Congress Ethics in Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy    Kos Greece    2006

  94. ACAAI-HSACI Joint Allergy Symposium    Athens, Greece    2006

  95. European Digestive Disease Week    Berlin Germany    2006

  96. Falk Symposium 159 IBD 2007 – Achievements in Research and Clinical practice.    Istanbul, Turkey    2007

  97. 3rd International Congress on Gastrointestinal Oncology    Heraklion,  Crete    2007

  98. International Symposium on: New vistas on Gastrointestinal Motility: from physiology to therapy    Rome Italy    2007

  99. 15th United European Gastroenterology Week    Paris France    2007

  100. Congress of Serbian Gastroenterologists    Belgrade Serbia    2007

  101. 3rd ECCO Congress    Lyon, France    2008

  102. XIV World Congress of Psychiatry     Prague, Czech R.    2008

  103. 4th International Congress of GI Oncology     Athens Greece    2009

  104. 31st ESPEN Congress    Vienna Austria    2009

  105. 20th World Congress of the IASGO    Cairo Egypt    2010

  106. American College of Gastroenterology  Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate Course    October 15-20, Texas, USA    2010

  107. ESMO Conference, 12th World Congress on GI Cancer    Barcelona  Spain    2010

  108. AI II-Iea Simposion National de BOLI INFLAMATORII CRONICE INTESTINALE cu participare Internationala     Mamaia, Romania    2010

  109. United European Gastroenterology Week    Barcelona Spain    2010

  110. 6th Congress of E.C.C.O. European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization, Inflammatory Bowel Disease    Dublin, Ireland    2011

  111. 7th Congress of E.C.C.O. European Crohn’s and Colitis Organization, Inflammatory Bowel Disease    Barcelona, Spain    2012


  113. 2nd Athens International Symposium GI Cancer     Athens, Greece    2014

  114. EUROSON SCHOOL Training in new fields of medical ultrasound    Athens, Greece    2014

  115. 1st Teaching Courses on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy     Athens, Greece    2009

  116. Annual Scientific Meeting and Postgraduate course     San Antonio, Texas USA    2010

  117. 2nd Teaching Courses on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy    Athens, Greece    2014

  118. EUROSON SCHOOL Training in new fields of medical ultrasound    Athens, Greece 2014

  119. 3rd Teaching Courses on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy    Athens, Greece    2015

  120. Euroson 2015, 27th Congress of the EFSUMB    Athens,  Greece    2015

  121. 4th Teaching Courses on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy    Athens,  Greece    2016

  122. 5th Teaching Courses on Gastrointestinal Endoscopy    Athens, Greece    2017

  123. 1st International Meeting on Digestive Cancer: Colorectal cancer Progress and Prospects    Athens, Greece    2018

  124. 4th AISDD Athens International Symposium     Athens, Greece    2018

  125. 2nd International Meeting on Digestive Cancer: Gastric cancer Progress and Prospects    Athens, Greece    2019

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